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Insensible perspiration… Thanks to the Santorio Fellowship for Medical Humanities and Science, granted by the Institutio Santoriana, Fondazione Comel, I was

Bodies in balance. Santorio’s legacy in Baglivi’s physiopathology Introduction In 1704, the Croatian physician Giorgio Baglivi (1668-1707), one of the leading representatives

Quantitative Physiological Reasoning at the Turn of the Seventeenth Century: The Work of Sanctorius Sanctorius. Quantitative assessment, especially with regard to

Kenelm Digby’s Chymical Aristotle: Atoms, Mixtures, and Effluvia The paper that I presented at the Humours, Mixtures, and Corpuscles conference focuses

Giordano Bruno’s Theory of Minima and the Concept of Measurable Magnitude Paper Presented at the International Conference “Humours, Mixtures and Corpuscles” Background In