Barbara Dunn

It was a great honour to receive the Santorio Fellowship and to be part of the ceremony award. This fellowship allowed me to participate in the 2019 CSMBR Summer School The Kiln, the Alembic and the Clockwork.

My overall impression of the CSMBR Summer School was very positive. The presentations helped broaden and deepen my understanding of various concepts, which I had previously touched upon but not examined further.  Given the nature of my research it is not easy to identify conferences where I am able to engage with scholars whose research interests intersect with mine, nor make significant contributions. But the Summer School provided these opportunities. Other delegates whom I spoke to were of the same opinion. I was very impressed with the varied and engaging schedule and the selection of speakers. The presentations were original, clear, interesting and delivered in an engaging manner. It was good to have a mixture of senior academics, keynote speakers, as well as PhD students and junior researchers. I felt that the Summer School struck the right balance between general appeal and a clear focus.

What I found enormously enjoyable and useful were the roundtable discussions. These collaborative sessions allowed more lengthy interaction and questions than is usually the case at conferences. I particularly liked the informality of these discussions and the general feeling of conviviality they engendered.

The CSMBR Summer School offered a lot of networking opportunities with potential research collaborators and others with broadly similar interests. Although we now have web-conferencing technology and Skype, I feel that productive collaboration still depends on face-to-face interaction and informal meetings. Delegates were able to meet people, exchange ideas and not feel crammed with a maximum number of presentations. The inclusion of the tours, local attractions and the amazing conference dinner were further pluses.

Barbara Dunn