Ivana Bičak

Thanks to the Santorio Fellowship, I was able to participate in the prestigious international summer school on early modern medicine in Pisa, The Kiln, the Alembic and the Clockwork.

As a literary scholar dealing with scientific topics, I gained much from being in the company of leading international historians of medicine. The feedback I received about my own work has helped me take my research in a new direction.

The paper I subsequently presented at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen was received with enthusiasm, and it resulted in a fully-funded invitation to a conference at Emory University in Atlanta this winter. I have also been invited to hold a guest talk at Aarhus University in June, which will be heavily indebted to my experience at the summer school. The Santorio Fellowship has helped me realise the value of my own research. Apart from enhancing my chances of ensuring further funding for my research, it has also enabled me to create a valuable network of international academic contacts.