Santorio Fellows 2017

At the end of his life, Santorio Santori bequeathed a considerable amount of money for the institution of a Collegio whereby young scholars could study medicine and develop their free and critical attitude towards knowledge. Thus, in naming Fondazione Comel as Institutio Santoriana, Prof. Marcello Comel intended to carry on not only a scientific but above all a human legacy.

As Santorio had shown that the equilibrium of the body is achieved by a restoration of balance between physical, environmental and psychological factors, so Marcello Comel promoted an approach to medicine as a human science.

Both Santorio and Comel expressed, in short, a fundamental attitude towards the study of the human being as a whole.

In keeping with such a rich historical and scientific legacy, our mission is to promote the development of knowledge and medicine among young scholars. For this reason, the Institutio Santoriana – Fondazione Comel has instituted in 2017 for the first time the international scheme Santorio Fellowship for Medical Humanities and Science.

Five candidates have been shortlisted and awarded the Fellowship: