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Starting from 2018 the CSMBR has started a collaboration with Palgrave-MacMillan for a new series of books on the history of medicine. Palgrave Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Medicine provides a high-quality outlet for academic monographs and edited collections devoted to the history of medicine in the period 1100-1800. The series pays particular attention to intellectual history and history of ideas, including the history and philosophy of sciencehistory of medicine and technologyhistory of medical institutionsmedical biographies as well as mutual bearings between medical humanities and the arts (including music and architecture). Further topics include history of medical traditions and practicesphilosophy of medicine and publications of medical correspondences and archival documents

The emphasis of the series lies on European and Western cultures widely construed, including interactions with, and borrowings from, other cultures/traditions/practices around the Mediterranean, especially Arabic and Hebrew. The Series also welcomes proposals for commented translations (if particularly relevant, even on a large scale) of medical and scientific texts into English (examples of original languages accepted are Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Syriac, as well as European vernaculars).

Starting from 2020, will host a section with books from young authors selected under the international scheme Santorio Award for Excellence in Research.

For information about the series and possibility to publish within it please contact psmemm@fondazionecomel.org.


Editorial Board

Editors   Jonathan BarryUniversity of Exeter
Fabrizio Bigotti, Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg / University of Exeter
Associate Editors  David GentilcoreUniversity of Leicester
Guido Maria GiglioniUniversity of Macerata
John HendersonBirkbeck University of London
Heikki MikkeliUniversity of Helsinki
William R. NewmanIndiana University
Vivian NuttonFirst Moscow State Medical University
Ian MacleanUniversity of Oxford
Antoine PietrobelliUniversité de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
Michael StolbergInstitut für Geschichte der Medizin, Würzburg
Fabio ZampieriUniversity of Padua
John WilkinsUniversity of Exeter
Editorial Board  Cecilia Martini BonadeoUniversity of Padua
Andreas BlankAlpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Filip BuyseUniversity of Oxford
Silvana D’Alessio, University of Salerno
Hiro HiraiRadboud University Nijmegen
Benjamin GoldbergUniversity of South Florida
Maurizio Rippa Bonati, University of Padua
Aurélien RobertCentre d’Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance Tours 
Hester SchadeeUniversity of Exeter
Giulia Martina WelstonThe Courtauld Institute of Art, London
Fabiola ZurliniStudio Firmano per la Storia della Medicina e della Scienza
Book Review Editors Fabrizio Baldassarri, University of Bucharest
Justin BegleyUniversity of Helsinki
Ilenya Goss, University of Turin
Luca TonettiUniversity of Rome – ‘La Sapienza’
Ruben VerwaalUniversity of Groningen


Forthcoming Books

Jonathan Barry and Fabrizio Bigotti, Santorio Santori and the Emergence of Quantified Medicine. Corpuscularianism, Technology, and Experimentation (1614-1750) forthcoming: 2020

Ruben Verwaal, The Fluid of Life. Medicine and Chemistry in the Dutch Golden Age, forthcoming 2021