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This paper argues how perspiration could undergo a drastic reconceptualisation in eighteenth-century medicine. Thanks to Santorio Santori’s famous studies with

This paper focuses on the system of quarantine stations in the early modern Mediterranean.

The conference will focus on the early modern reception of Galenic pharmacology up to the late seventeenth century.

In this lecture, Fabrizio Bigotti focuses on one of the latest examples of commentaries on Galen's "Ars medica", written by

In this lecture, Jil Muller explores the role that Montagne and Descartes associate with the mesentery, the influence of Montaigne

This summer school will explore how heat, colour, and sound have been used, conceptualised and graded in the pre-modern cosmos

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A video presentation of the CSMBR activities and learning environment in Pisa.

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