Publish With Us

Publications submitted to PSMEMM follow a double blind peer review process for both the pre-proposal and the definitive submission.

Ahead of submission, authors should contact the editors to seek approval as to the suitability of the work for the series. Upon obtaining the editors’ approval, authors will be requested to fill a pre-proposal form, in which they have to provide as much as detail as

as possible about the intended publication, including market and possible competitors. It is considered good practice to attach the manuscript to the pre-proposal and to list the names of two reviewers, who may or may not be contacted by the editors. Once the preliminary phase is completed, the proposal is then sent out for approval to external reviewers, a process which can take up to 12 weeks.

Should the peer-review process be positive, the author will be provided with a contract from the publisher. The double blind is then repeated upon submitting the final manuscript.

The editors consider proposals for monographs, as well as edited collections and translations/editions of texts, either at a standard length (70-120,000 words) or as Palgrave Pivots (up to 50,000 words).