Make it Count !

In an age of uncertainty, the best investment you can make is in the knowledge of the future. 

Make it Count ! is a scheme that allows donors to promote events or fellowships after their name.

As a non-profit institution, the Institutio Santoriana Fondazione Comel (ISFC) grants the traceability of the funds allocated, up to the moment of the fellowship completion. We offer a variety of schemes you can choose from, depending on the level of commitment you intend to pursue.

Should you decide to remain anonymous, your donation will be named after a person of your own choice or allocated as extra funds for the activities already planned at the centre.

Becoming a donor is the best way to do something for others and to allow our community to grow as strongly and independently as possible.


Honorary Membership
Exclusive Events at the Domus Comeliana
Free Access to all Events (with multiple years of commitment)
Be Involved in the CSMBR Community Life
Possibility to Propose Events

a Travel Grant

A Travel Grant will allow scholars from all over the world to partake in our events in Pisa. Many young scholars often meet with difficulties in travelling, as BA and MA programmes do not usually allocate funds for students to partake in conferences abroad.

From € 1,000

1 Year or More

a Fellowship

A Fellowship is the most effective way to promote the career of a young scholar. Both residential and exchange fellowships are available, the latter to be spent at one of our international funding institutions. A minimum biennial commitment is required.

From € 2,000

Minimum 2 Years

an Event in Pisa

Hosted at the Domus Comeliana and led by world-leading scholars, our events enjoy global attention. Founding an event will allow you to propose the topic (within the remit of the centre’s activities) and give maximum visibility to it.

From € 5,000

1 Year or More