Palgrave Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Medicine
(P S M E M M)

Established in 2018 as as partnership between the Centre for the Study of Medicine and the Body in the Renaissance and the publisher Palgrave MacMillan-Springer, the series focuses on the intellectual tradition of western medicine as related to the philosophies, institutions, practices, and technologies that developed throughout the medieval and early modern period (500-1800).

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Palgrave Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Medicine (PSMEMM) seeks to explore the range of interactions between various conceptualisations of the body, including their import for the arts (e.g. literature, painting, music, dance, and architecture) and the way different medical traditions around the Mediterranean and beyond overlapped and borrowed from each other.

PSMEMM pays particular attention to:

  • intellectual history and history of ideas
  • history and philosophy of science
  • history of medicine and technology
  • history of medical institutions
  • connections between medical humanities and the arts (including music and architecture).

Further topics include:

  • history of medical traditions and practices
  • philosophy of medicine (including medical ethics)
  • correspondences and archival documents.

PSMEMM welcomes proposals for edited and commented translations (if particularly relevant, even on a large scale) of medical and scientific texts. The translations will be provided with facing original text. Examples of original languages accepted are Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Syriac, as well as European vernacular.

The series also hosts publications resulting from  the Santorio Award and editors particularly welcome contributions from early scholars.

Series Editors

Jonathan Barry
Fabrizio Bigotti

Focus of the Series

Intellectual History of Medicine
History of Medical Technology
History and Philosophy of Science
History of Medical Institutions
History of Medical Education
Medical Traditions and Practices
Philosophy of Medicine                    (incl. Medical Ethics)
Edited Translations of Primary Sources
Medical Humanities and the Arts (incl. Music and Architecture)