Past Conferences

On this page you will find a list of our past conferences, ordered chronologically (click on the image to access the content). Some conferences are available on our YouTube Channel.

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Jil Muller and        Fabrizio Bigotti

Women's Ideas in the History of Medicine
Food, Plants, Remedies, and Healing Practices


Marsha Wubbels

Measuring Health and the Body
Size, Weight, and Pulse in Medical Theory and Practice

Fabrizio Bigotti and John Wilkins

The Early Modern Reception of Galen's Pharmacology
A New Assessment of “Simple Medicines” and “The Powers of Foods”


Fabrizio Bigotti

Epanding the Limits of Academic Medicine
Pedagogy, Magic, Anatomy, and Surgery

Fabrizio Bigotti

Extreme Bodies
Norm, Excess, and Transgression in Western Medicine

Matteo Pace

Dante and the Sciences of the Human
Medicine, Physics, Soul