Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions

Due to the exceptional number of high-quality proposals that have been received, in this section the Awarding Committee wishes to highlight works that deserve honourable mention:

Santorio Award 2024

Tommaso Ghezzani
Scuola Normale Superiore
Université de Genève
Teatri del Mondo
Memoria e Inventio da Giulio Camillo a Jean Bodin e Robert Fludd
Laura Cronin
University College Cork
The Emergence of Postpartum Pathology 
Sixteenth-Century Discourse on Postpartum Depression
Mariana Sánchez
KU Leuven
Histoire Naturelle et Art Alchimique dans le Monde Hispanique (1530-1700)
Une Rencontre avec les Savoirs Paracelsiens

Santorio Award 2022

Marina Inì
University of Cambridge
The System of Lazzaretti in the Early Modern Mediterranean                                                                                                    
Duygu Yildirim
Stanford University
An Age of Perplexity
Translating Nature and Bodies between the Ottoman Empire and Europe (1650-1730)
Barbara Di Gennaro
University of Yale
The Reinvention of Theriac.
Pharmacy, State and the Market in Italy (1490-1640)