Santorio Global Fellowship

The scheme offers PhD students the possibility to study at one of the CSMBR funding institutions for a period between two and four months. It runs every year and is accessible only to students of CSMBR funding institutions. It is named after the Italian physician Santorio Santori (1561-1636), who is considered the father of quantitative experimental physiology.

The Scheme at a Glance

The aim of the Santorio Global Fellowship is to support doctoral students and foster excellence in the field of the history and philosophy of medicine, science, and technology (HSTM), preferably with a focus on intellectual history. 

It targets doctoral students who intend to carry out research on a global scale for 2 to 4 months at one of the CSMBR funding institutions.

Application Process

Prospective applicants should first reach out to a delegate of CSMBR the funding institutions and ask for his/her willingness to host them.

The application consists of a cover letter, explaining the candidate’s motivation in applying for the grant, a 2,000-word project provided with a bibliography, a spreadsheet of the costs to be incurred, a full academic CV, and a reference letter, normally by the PhD supervisor.

Funding Allocation

The scheme is competitive. Funds will be allocated 2/3 up front, and 1/3 at the end of the period abroad and in any case upon receiving the host institution’s clearance as to the fellow’s conduct and progress. For any prospective outcome, the fellowship shall be acknowledged by its recipient in any written publications

or media communication resulting from it as to its number and/or logo.

Follow Up

Upon receiving the fellowship, successful applicants become part of the CSMBR community and there is an expectation that, in time, they will contribute to its intellectual life including publishing articles on the blog, organising events and giving lectures.

Choose Your Institution

A list of Institutions where the Fellowship is tenable along with their delegates is displayed under the menu The Centre.

Grant Amount

€ 2,000 – 5,000 
dep. on project/period abroad

Eligible Applicants

PhD Students


2 – 4 Months