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The Blog of the Body

Forma Fluens (“flowing form”) is a blog dedicated to the history of the body. A metaphor for life itself, as a rhythmic flow that alters the shape and the diachronic identity of the human being, this space is dedicated to any curious person interested in the history of medicine and the body.

Material from the blog is free to consult and use but must be credited as per the title, author, affiliation and sources displayed in each article. For queries or to express an interest in submitting an article for the blog, feel free to contact the centre in the dedicated section. Enjoy and stay tuned: more is always coming!

Between medieval alchemy and Franciscan spiritualism, this article unearths the intersection of science and religion in pursuit of the Elixir.

This article explores how early modern natural philosophers and artisans realised a convergence between artisanal and geological knowledge.

This article examines the accounts of miracles attributed to Saint Angelo of Licata, detailing the testimonies of people who suffered

The article sheds light on the practice of storing winter’s snow and ice for consumption, focusing especially on Renaissance Florence.

The article explores the life and works of the Portuguese physician Estêvão Rodrigues de Castro, and especially his 'De meteoris

The article offers new insights into the Renaissance system of analogies between the theaters of memory and the anatomical theaters.

A fascinating fresco of Armenian medical culture that unravels the many parallels between East and West.

Claudio Azzarito discusses the characteristics of the “perfect physician” as they emerge from the medical writings of the 12th-century Jewish