Volumes Published

Ruben Verwaal
Bodily Fluids, Chemistry and Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century Boerhaave School
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Jonathan Barry and            Fabrizio Bigotti
Santorio Santori and the Emergence of Quantified Medicine (1614-1790)
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This book explores the importance of bodily fluids to the development of medical knowledge in the eighteenth century and reveals how physicians moved from a humoral theory of medicine to new chemical and mechanical models for understanding the body in the early modern period.
This book examines for the first time in English the life and works of Santorio Santori and his impact on the history of medicine and natural philosophy. Reputed as the father of experimental medicine, Santorio is also known for the invention of numerous scientific devices, as well as clinical and surgical tools.
Justin Begeley and            Benjamin Goldberg
The Medical World of Margareth Cavendish
This book is the first transcription and extensive commentary on a fascinating but almost entirely overlooked manuscript compilation of medical recipes and letters, which is held in the University of Nottingham. Collected by the Marquess and Marchioness of Newcastle, William and Margaret Cavendish, during the 1640s and 1650s, this manuscript features letters of advice, recipes, and sundry philosophical and medical reflections by some of the most formidable and influential physicians, philosophers, and courtly scholars of the early seventeenth century.