Studio Firmano

For the History of Medicine and Science

Located in Fermo,  in the Marche region, the Studio Firmano per la Storia della Medicina e della Scienza was founded in 1955 by the physician and historian Mario Santoro (1905 – 1988), with the aim of renovating the historical legacy of the city of Fermo, once renown for its studies in medicine and philosophy.

The Studio Firmano is a private research institute, recognized as a legal entity by the Italian Ministry for Education (MIUR), that aims at promoting the study of the history of medicine and science in the widest international context. Among its facilities, the Studio counts a library specialized in medical history with a recently re-ordered archive and library and a museum with a small but important medical collection.

Since its very beginning, the Studio Firmano has been structured on the model of contemporary European universities so as to act as a landmark in the history of medicine for both Italian and foreign scholars. Indeed, throughout its history, it has attracted some of the most reputed twentieth-century historians, including Mirko Drazen Grmek, Ladislao Münster, Adalberto Pazzini, Luigi Stroppiana, Enrico Coturri, Vincenzo Busacchi, Loris Premuda, Giuseppe Ongaro and Vivian Nutton.

In 2005, the Studio Firmano has celebrated its 50th anniversary with an international conference which resulted in the publication of the volume “Medici e Medicina nelle Marche. Lo Studio Firmano e la Storia della Medicina, Fermo, 1955 -2005”.


Via Ludovico Migliorati, 2 – 63900 Fermo
Website: Studio Firmano
Telephone: +39 0734 21 7311
Institute Representative: Fabiola Zurlini

As Italian-based research centres with an international outlook, the  CSMBR and the Studio Firmano are twin institutions with strong academic ties. We endeavour to open new paths to scholars interested in Italian history and medical tradition.