Ivano Dal Prete

The Enlightenment and the History of Deep Time. The History of a Historiographical Myth

Giulia Martina Weston

The Skin of St Bartholomew. Flaying Bodies in Early Modern Art and Anatomy

Georgiana Hedesan

Medical Alchemy in Renaissance Florence: Transforming Materials at Palazzo Vecchio and the Casino di San Marco

Christiana Purdy Moudarres

A Natural Resurrection? On God's Creation and the Human Body in "Paradiso" 7

Eva Del Soldato

Dante in the Renaissance Lovesickness Tradition

Ivano Dal Prete

Of Earth and Water: Dante's 'Questio' in Context

Arielle Saiber

Stolen Parts: Bodies and Thing Theory in Inferno 24-25

Andrea Celli

Anatomy of Florence: Illness and Body Politics in the Comedy

Sabine Schlegelmilch

Surgeons, Midwives and the Question of Shame in Early Modern Germany

Vivian Nutton

Sources and Problems in Renaissance Medicine. Rewriting the History of European Medicine

William R. Newman

Principles Beyond Ordinary Practice: A New Picture of Isaac Newton's 'Chymystry'

Kristian Kleinbub

Art and Internal Anatomy: Michelangelo, Bronzino and Mannerist Bodies

Michael Stolberg

Academic Physicians and Popular Magic in the Renaissance

Alain Touwaide

Identifying Pathologies through Therapy: A New Approach to Ancient Diseases

Sabine Schlegelmilch

Surgeons Become Doctors: Anatomy as a Competitive Field Between Physicians and Other Medical Professions

Fabrizio Bigotti

Invisible Connections: Pores, Channels, and Vessels in Early Modern Anatomy

Fabrizio Bigotti

A Natural History of the Soul: Galenic Themes in Early Modern Philosophy

Hester Schadee

Medicine and the Birth of Humanist Education: Vergerio’s ‘De Ingenuis Moribus’

Santorio Lectures

Meagan Allen

"Homo Potens Non Mori"
The Actualisation of the Ideal Human in the Works of Roger Bacon

Amalia Cerrito

"Virtus Formativa"
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Albert the Great's Embryology

Sebastien Kroupa

Georg Joseph Kamel S. J. (1661-1706): Natural Knowledge in Transit between the Philippines and Europe

Matteo Pace

Of Poets and Physicians
Literature and Medical Thought in Thirteenth-Century Italy

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