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Forma Fluens (“flowing form”) is a blog dedicated to the history of the body. A metaphor for life itself, as a rhythmic flow that alters the shape and the diachronic identity of the human being, this space is dedicated to any curious person interested in the history of medicine and the body.

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Jasmine, widely used and praised in the East, was one of the many substances introduced to the Italian peninsula for

I focus here on an English natural philosopher, Kenelm Digby, and his atomic interpretation of Aristotle. My aim is to

I reconsiders the traditional characterization of Sanctorius as the inventor of a new science, examining his activities in relation to

Santorio’s "De statica medicina" (1614) reflected long-standing views on perspiration closely aligned to digestion, and health as balance of humours

How is Bruno’s mathematics is related to that of his contemporaries? To explore this topic, I consider two different conceptions

The paper I presented to the Santorio International Conference was mainly concerned with these two issues: what role did Santorio’s